Meat & Kebaps. .



   Shish kebab
Cut tomatoes into large chunks removing the inner soft part. Cut the green peppers in half, remove the seeds and cut into smaller pieces...

Soak wheat in cold water and allow to stand for 8 hours. Put the wheat, the mutton neck cut into 4-5 pieces, and enough water to cover...

Kebab with yoghurt
Mutton shanks kebab with vegetables
Sultan's delight
Urfa kebab
Shish kebab
Doner kebab
Kebab with cream sauce
Lamb with onions and cos lettuce
Lamb and vegetables in casserole
Shepherd's meatballs
Raw meatballs
Lady's thigh meatballs
Meatballs filled with spices and nuts
Mutton ragout
Boiled meat with vegetables and sauce
Preserved meat
Cabbage with meat
Easy lahmacun with turkey
Okra With Lamb
Eggs With Ground Meat
Couscous With Meat
Chick Peas With Meat

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