1-2 kg small eggplants
  150 gr. fresh red peppers
  3-4 carrots
  1 small cabbage
  3-4 bunches of celery
  1/2 lemon, vinegar
  4 whole garlic heads


Preparation :
Wash the eggplants. Carefully make a lengthways cut down the middle of each eggplant so that they do not split in two. Boil water with the juice of half a lemon. Put eggplants in boiling water and cook them until they become tender. Put the eggplants into a strainer and place a weight on them to drain away the water. Chop the carrots, fresh red peppers and cabbage, peel the garlic. Put them into a bowl and add enough vinegar to cover the chopped vegetables. Add 10 grams of salt for 1 liter of vinegar to the bowl and press with the hand. Fill the eggplants with the vegetable and vinegar mixture. Tie the eggplants with celery. Pack the eggplants tightly into jars. Decorate the jars by putting carrot and lemon slices between eggplant fillings. Pour vinegar and salt mixture so as to cover the eggplants fillings. Place a weight on the eggplants and close the jars. Your pickels will be ready to server in 25-30 days.


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