200 gr. fish roes
  1 glas olive oil
  1/3 glass lemon juice

Preparation :
Put the fish roes into a large bowl. While gradually pouring the olive oil over them, pound the fish roes with a wooden spoon. To allow fish roes to absorb the oil well, the pouring and pounding should take 15-25 minutes. In some cases the fish roes might be hard to pound, then the time should be increased accordingly. After the fish roes thoroghly absorb the olive oil, add the lemon juice in the same way. When your tarama becomes a white paste with the fish roes looking red spots, it is ready fir serving. Put tarama into a serving dish and serve.
If you soak two slices of white bread in milk and pound them with tarama, the salad will serve more people and will be lighter. If you add two teaspoons of onion juice to the tarama, it will have a slightly diffrenet taste.


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